Xbox not updating game

My stats have not changed, and I have forced an update probably 10 times since I did this.

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UPDATE: Microsoft has removed its instructions for updating Xbox One without connecting it to the internet.

The company issued Eurogamer a statement contradicting its earlier claim that the site could be used to manually update an Xbox One's firmware.

But if you’re not rocking fiber yet, don’t worry, you’re still getting a performance boost too.

The update notes say that anyone with a connection that’s less than 100Mbps should experience more consistent performance that is up to 40% faster than before – which could mean the difference of a few hours when downloading full titles like Gears of War 4 or Forza Horizon 3.

While another commented: "I feel like Halo 5's patch download has been stuck on 92% for what must be 4 years now."Gamers have been warned by Piers Harding-Rolls, a games analyst at IHS, that this could become increasingly common for the biggest titles."If you go for a digital version you've got to download the whole game and if it's a very popular one you're likely to be dealing with a slow network as well," he told the BBC."From the consumer point of view, it's not great to have to wait many hours to get access to content," he said."This is an issue that console companies and publishers really need to look at seriously."Pre-loading the game is one way of fixing this situation, although it would not include the day one patch and it looks likely that these are set to become industry standard moving forward.

The Xbox support team have since shared a troubleshoot guide on how to avoid low download speeds, including restarting your console, monitoring your overall download speeds and reinstalling content."Your ISP connection speed should be at least 1.5 Mb/s for the best experience while connected to Xbox Live," the Microsoft guide explains.

i started downloading dragon age yesterday afternoon (3pm)& its at 88% right now (9am). So for X1 and PS4 with games in the 30 GB you can expect download times taking forever.

It does that for every game such as Madden, It´s not the console, it´s the speed your ISP is providing.

I have the same problem as the original poster in this thread except my issue is with Forza 5.

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