Xbox netflix queue not updating

It appears that the New Xbox Experience has hit a speed bump on the eve of its release.This afternoon, gaming blog Joystiq discovered that many Netflix films have been abruptly listed as being "not available on Xbox." The ability to stream content from the online rental service is a key feature of the Xbox Live revamp, which is set to launch Wednesday, November 19.

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It's just the only videogame console that's going to do the job.

Content labeled "Watch it Now" can be streamed through browsers, via set-top boxes like Roku and on select Sony Bravia televisions.

If If you’re trying to remove a series, just choose one of the episodes for now.

Click the to the right of the show to get rid of it.

So if you haven't played a game for a couple months you won't need to wait for an update.

There should also be an option to off auto update for games and apps.

Curiously, though, Joystiq points out that some Sony Pictures films are still listed as being available for the Xbox, a condition that might change in the next few days.

Ironically, many classic films from Sony subsidiary MGM are currently available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace--for a price.

To clear out your Continue Watching List on Netflix, you have to delete the titles in that list from your viewing history.


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