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Within that big envelope, you can have a regular match, a cage match, a barb wire deathmatch, a landmine cage match, , a knockout-only mode, MMA fighting, and the legendary battle royal mode.

This allows you to either have a Royal Rumble-style match or a gigantic match where you can face many other wrestlers and the last man standing is the victor.

Dev’s go-to date night spot is a wine bar that evokes the nice-but-still-low-pressure atmosphere necessary to feel confident when you’re not quite sure about the person you’re going out with.

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He also makes appearances as a dastardly manager on Alpha Omega Wrestling shows at The Carleton and commentates for Preston City Wrestling, who run shows in Preston and all over the north.

His first book Holy Grail: The True Story of British Wrestling’s Revival was released in 2012.

One woman is a lawyer working for the tech industry and seems unevenly matched with Dev, who now happens to be the host of a competitive cupcake show called .

Even more awkwardness transpires when the fledgling couples move to the table for two.

” Just go on one of your trademark tirades about today’s youth.

Say stuff like, “these delicate little snowflakes” while doing air quotes and rolling your eyes a lot.Plot: As the name implies, this episode shows a series of Dev’s first dates, spliced for the viewer into one evening.The episode opens on a funeral with a woman furiously swiping through her dating app Love At First Sight and matching with Dev.So many people have sacrificed so much to get British wrestling back on television.“It has been the ambition of British wrestlers and promoters for years.“This is the story of the twists and turns, the highs and lows, the triumphs and tragedies that happened along the way.”Morecambe born and bred, Greg has also paid tribute to his home town in the book.Some of the initial small talk goes better than others.


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