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You can update linked fields by selecting them and then pressing F9.You can also select all (by using CTRL A) and press F9 to update all your fields.I am writing a report and have to provide references for the same.

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How you get there depends on the version: Figure 1.

Does anybody know how to update cross references in word.

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Whenever you write, see page 15 or in Chapter 5 or in the Further Developments section, you are using a cross-reference.

If you insert such cross-references as ordinary text, you will have to update them manually if pagination changes or Chapter 5 becomes Chapter 6 or you change the heading Further Developments to Later Developments.

Typically, not all fields update immediately to reflect the source text.

Cross-references are one of Words most useful features, but users are often dissatisfied with the way they are formatted.

When I use the cross-referencing feature in footnotes, the notes do not automatically update.


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