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In a speech honoring International Women's Day, indigenous rights activist Celeste Liddle spoke about women of the central Australian Arrernte Aboriginal group, to which her family belongs, and their representation on the Internet.When the speech was published by independent news website New Matilda, Liddle shared the article and its accompanying image (see above) on her public Facebook page, Black Feminist Ranter. Facebook cited its “Community Standards” on nude images to justify the suspension: "The reason we restrict the display of nudity is because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content – particularly because of cultural background or age." This is not the first time Celeste has found herself on the wrong side of Facebook's standards.She tends to feature bodies and objects with a glossy, greasy, even grimy, sheen on them.


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For example, plants playfully stand in for the female form in many of Cousins' images.

(She says she chooses her subjects partly based on "what's looking nice in the flower shop that day.")More than anything, Cousins says her senses drive her work.

She's just as likely to pose a slug in a way that makes it seem sexy as she is to cover her nude models in flower petals and grass, all in order to reveal how erotic our world is (even if we don't always realize it).

In other words, yes, butts, breasts, and mouths feature heavily in her photos, but many of them are abstracted.Be a Cupcake [The Date Report] 15 Surprisingly Sweet Gangsta Rap Love Songs [Swimmingly] Does Taylor Swift Break Up with Boyfriends or Best Friends More Quickly?I can tell you why we started this naked babes club site.Luckily for everyone who might not be able to hop on the A train for one of B&N's new classes, offers interactive digital yoga courses where naked yogis simply set up space at home (or outside) and broadcast their participation remotely in a web-meeting style classroom via webcam.Instructors and class styles vary to offer unique experiences, other than the fact that no one is wearing any clothing.And what is even more interesting that I can find daily new muse to watch and follow on internet.

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