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In 2001, Renfro was ordered into alcohol rehabilitation for underage drinking and violating the terms of his probation.

It was just revealed that Brad and Angelina are on speaking terms again after a rocky few months.

The news of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger's death in a New York apartment has caused shockwaves around the world, but it didn't come as a surprise to one Hollywood star.

A revealing – if ambiguous - comment made by Jack Nicholson hints he was aware Ledger was battling personal demons.

The acting veteran, who played the Batman's most famous Joker, said in London: "I warned him.”Scroll down for more...

Heath Ledger – 28 We know this one is pretty obvious but it still must be mentioned.

I think of all the people on this list Ledger had the most promise in terms of having the potential to be known as one of the greatest actors of his generation. Sources are saying that his love life isn’t currently his priority!The 53-year-old actor is, instead, focusing on his social life and rekindling old friendships amid his split from Angelina Jolie. “Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it.” Brad is also taking care of his body! “He’s in very good shape.” “He seems much happier,” they added.At a press conference NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly admitted that "no testing has been done for narcotics at this time" on the note, but it is something the police are looking into.A source told CBS 2 that several drug packets containing an unknown substance had also been found but Kelly refused to elaborate on this, saying only, "Some of them were sleeping pills, in essence, and some other drugs there as well. We are going to wait for the toxicology report." His family have rejected speculation that he committed suicide earlier. The official investigation was launched after a police spokesperson confirmed that presciption anxiety drugs Valim and Zoloft as well as sleeping medication Ambien were found in the vicinity of the actor's body.His girlfriend found him dead in his Los Angeles apartment on January 15, 2008; the coroner ruled he had died of an accidental morphine overdose.

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