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WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: You won't be surprised that the most commonly asked question - and I got a lot of responses when I said, "What would you ask these three young woman? " Obviously, you've got a lot of fans out there. So let's start off, Mary Anne, and we'll go down. Are you available to a lot of young men who are looking out there and would like to get to know you a little bit? He's a little Maltipoo, and that's all I'm going to say. And my dad, like he did in Utah, he's not going to pay his way to the White House. BLITZER: You know this relationship, obviously, Mary Anne. Is that his nature, that he wants to do it by himself? So I think that's what sets him apart from anyone else up there.

Wolf’s net worth is known to be quite similar to that of 45-year-old American Journalist Megan Kelly.

Blitzer, whose parents were Jewish refugees from Poland, was born in Germany but raised in New York.

If AP photos from the German advance into Poland and Russia offered an image of the war that didn’t show things like the organized murder of tens of thousands of Jews and others behind the lines by the Einsatzgruppen, it was perhaps because the photos were taken by people like Franz Roth—who was, we learn from Scharnberg’s report, simultaneously an “AP photographer, SS-Oberscharführer (senior squad leader) and photojournalist in the SS Propaganda Company (SS-PK).” In his SS role, Roth took propaganda images showing Soviet prisoners as ugly human specimens—and AP, in turn, “received exclusive rights to the propaganda photos,” which were published in newspapers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

While claiming to be covering Germany, the historian argued, the AP photo operation was, in fact, engaged in an illusion of coverage crafted in partnership with the Nazi regime.

It is also believed that they had love affairs for few years before getting married.

As a married couple they welcomed their only child in 1981.

Multi talented Wolf Blitzer is the famous journalist and television news anchor from United States. He is popular for hosting the shows like The Situation Room and Wolf.

Born as Wolf Isaac Blitzer in Augsburg, Germany to Cesia (Zylberfuden) and David Blitzer, Wolf was raised in Polish Jewish family. In 1973, Wolf got married to love of his life Lynn Greenfield.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he earns an annual salary of million.

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