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Till now he has appeared in more than two dozens of movie.

For his role in Hidalgo, he earned the salary of ,000,000.

All of that's good." Walking red carpets with the film's six child actors (with co-thanks to Netflix series , this has been quite the year for youngsters), it's clear this film gifted Mortensen the opportunity to have something promotional trails rarely offer: fun. "I’ve never actually adhered to the dictum 'never work with children.' I find they’re more unpredictable than most adult actors." He stops.

A photo, taken at Cannes Film Festival, saw him stood with pride amid his cast members with their middle fingers in the air. "I say 'most;' some can be very unpredictable, very selfish and very strange while kids tend to be unguarded and very pure - I find that [unpredictability] helpful as an actor.

Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen perches on a sofa with the quiet composure of a man who's about to go for a stroll to the local newsagents - a figure worlds away from the many performances that distinctly separate him from the remainder of Hollywood: a Russian mobster in 's Ben who oscillates between reliable father figure to unpredictable outcast throughout the charming film's two-hour running time.

Ben lives in the wild with his six children isolated from a society plagued with fast food, video games and disrespect.

He is an American and as well Danish and is of Danish, American, Canada, English and Nova Scotia descent. He met her for the first time in when he was shooting in the Salvation! They fell in love since then and finally got married on 8th of July, 1987.

They were happy to be each other’s loving spouse and they also had a child together.

Mortensen married singer Exene Cervenka in the late 1980s, but they later divorced.

The couple had one child together, a son named Henry.

I broach the subject and it's immediately clear he'd like to set the record straight. "It's just the age we live in; as it travels the internet, it changes and becomes 'Viggo hates Lord of the Rings,' 'Viggo throws Peter Jackson under the bus.' It's not what I did.

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