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These are the shocking claims being made by Jameson’s former personal assistant, Britney Markham, in an exclusive interview with Radar

On a dangerous downward spiral since the father of her children Tito Ortiz kicked her out of the home last March, Jameson, has been self-medicating with Xanax, Ambien, Suboxone and alcohol, Markham claims.

In the legal docs, the gorgeous gal alleges the alum told her fans to "go after" her, and they followed through by sending teases, taunts, and death threats her way!

The social media warfare has reached the boiling point several times, with shots being fired from both sides.

Jameson, who has been on a media whirlwind tour promoting her new book, Sugar, has appeared dazed and confused on television interviews, has had a complete meltdown on the Opie & Anthony show, and recently went back to her old career of pornography, despite having declared 5 years ago that she would 'Never, ever open her legs on camera again.

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In fact, it's apparently gotten so bad that Miz Miller has filed for a restraining order!

Ever.' The 39 year old porn superstar, stated in an interview with TMZ that she had to return to porn in order to support her twin sons.

The thing is, Tito Ortiz has sole, temporary custody of the children until their case is heard in court for the final decision regarding the children's future permanent living arrangements.

PHOTOS: Jenna And Tito Get Frisky In The Pool In 2010 Jameson claimed she gave up her porn career to be a mother to her two sons, but she has now lost custody of the boys and Ortiz will get full custody in April. ” Heroin Addicts, Coke Fiends & Celebrity Stoners — Hollywood Drug Dealers Tell All!

According to Markham, Jameson eventually got money from a deal for sex toys she made with Fleshlight and used that to move into her own condo at the first of the year.

The UFC Hall of Famer and former 205-pound champion wants to go out on a high note, and he has the opportunity to do it at Bellator 142, where he'll challenge the promotion's undefeated Light Heavyweight titlist, Liam Mc Geary.

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