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If anything looks or sounds different than you’re used to, understand that it’s because of a decision that I made.

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, which opens its New York City-based Season 6 on Sunday, Jan.

15, the five-time Daytime Emmy nominee says he will appear in multiple episodes; characters details were not available during this holiday week.

After lots of on-again/off-again, Spinelli finally broke it off with Maxie for good.

Maxie seemed to want Spinelli when it looks like he might be interested in someone else -- and that someone else was Ellie Trout, a lab technician at General Hospital. Maxie, meanwhile, agreed to act as surrogate for Lulu and Dante.

And Homeland is a big deal that could lead to other jobs.

It will be interesting to see how ex-DOOL Blake Berris does in the role of Spinelli.Spinelli was raised by his Granny and never knew his parents.Maxie is the daughter of GH supercouple Frisco and Felicia Jones.A self-professed computer geek, Spinelli's strength was his mind, not his brawn.Jason and his girlfriend, Sam, took Spinelli to a safe house but, during an attack by Lorenzo's hit-men, he disappeared. Lorenzo had kidnapped both, but Spinelli escaped once again.Spinelli was portrayed by actor Bradford Anderson from the characters debut 2006 until 2013, with a couple of short stints in May 2014, where Maxie and Spinelli did not interact and in December when they were reunited. For a few episodes in January 2017, he was portrayed by actor Blake Berris.


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