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You had Sam and Diane, but Carla and Norm and Cliff and Coach were not the typical good-looking people on the cover of **Shawn Ryan: **I was 15 or 16 when it started, and so I was just at that age when you start thinking about dating—or, at least, when dating is an actual option.So I was fascinated by Sam Malone, because I was a shy kid who was a little tongue-tied around women, and here was this guy who would talk to any of them.—which was a very big deal back in those days—I read some blurb that made me think that I might like it. It was smarter than most things on TV, and it was anchored by Ted Danson and Shelley Long, who were just explosive together.

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I also heard she didn't like alot of the playing around some of the actors would get into.

She was great on the show no matter what as far as I'm concerned. Her ego got in the way and she thought she could do better in movies, and with the exception of the Brady Bunch movies, it was a disaster and her career never recovered.

At Paul's side is his wife Cate (Katey Sagal), who is returning to work after years as a housewife and mother.

She doesn't always agree with some of his more outlandish ideas in getting to better know their children, but she shares his lamentations at the generation gap between parent and child.

Sitcoms were saying more stuff in the '70s than dramas were, with is going to turn into a gay bar.

To deal with that subject matter with humor—with two guys kissing Norm on the cheek at the end, and him saying, "Better than Vera"—had more of an impact on me, as a 16-year-old, on how I would view homosexuals, than if I had the characters had engaged in sort of Archie Bunker-style debate.**Shawn Ryan: **I remember one of the Charles brothers talking about the decision to bring Sam and Diane together at the end of season one, and [saying] that if Sam couldn't seduce Diane within the first 22 episodes, then he wasn't the character they'd been writing.And seemed to be extremely loathed simply because of that.Bette Midler, however, said that Shelley was horrible to work with on the set of Outrageous Fortune.[quote] Bette Midler, however, said that Shelley was horrible to work with on the set of Outrageous Fortune.Critical comments about on-set behavior from Bette Midler is sort of like taking sobriety advice from Courtney Love.The only thing I remember hearing was that she was late to set often because she was never satisfied with her hair.Show & DVD Details Repeat Directors: James Widdoes, Terry Hughes, Mark Cendrowski Regular Writers: Tracy Gamble, Bonnie Kallman, Martin Weiss, Philip Wen Cast: John Ritter (Paul Hennessy), Katey Sagal (Cate Hennessy), Kaley Cuoco (Bridget Hennessy), Amy Davidson (Kerry Hennessy), Martin Spanjers (Rory Hennessy) Recurring Characters: Billy Aaron Brown (Kyle), Larry Miller (Tommy), Cole Williams (Anthony), Brian Sites (Jason), Nikki Danielle Moore (Jenna Sharpe), Nicole Mansour (Rachel Sharpe), Amanda Mac Donald (Danielle) Notable Guest Stars: Lee Corso & Chris Fowler (Sportscasters), Terry Bradshaw (Steve "Canned Heat" Smith), Matt Funke (Travis Smith), Patrick Warburton (Nick Sharpe), Rachel Bilson (Jenny), Don Knotts (Himself/Mr.

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