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Not a lot of people know this but I’m very good at… I’ve played it on and off my whole life as it’s a relaxing sport, but it’s something you need to play regularly or you lose your touch. At 12, I was the smallest person at school by a mile and my parents were quite worried I’d stopped growing. It’s tough to choose but Chandler is my favourite character. Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl on cassette – and Westlife ended up doing a cover version of it. I have a nice old garden at home with big trees and a stream, and it’s something I want to develop over time.

We have a really good friendship as well as a father and son relationship. Shorty because when I was younger, I was really small. I want to get into gardening more because it’s something I don’t know enough about. Whenever I go to Dublin, I have to pop in for a pint of Guinness because it’s so good in there. I flew it a couple of times but only with a pilot – not on my own. I’ll get up in the morning, have a coffee, go for a walk with the kids on the beach, come back home and have a big family cooked meal like a stew.

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They will also be contacted by Ticketmaster and given the opportunity to purchase tickets at a 40% discount for Shane’s only other show in Scotland on March 29 at the Glasgow Clyde Auditorium.

A representative of promoter LHG Live commented “We’re disappointed that Shane is unable to play Inverness, we’ve promoted and produced great shows in the area and Inverness knows how to party!

We’ll get popcorn, watch a film like the first Star Wars movie and have a great night in. If I’m totally wrong and there’s no need for my behaviour, I find it easy to say I’m sorry. We were at a pony club together and we became boyfriend and girlfriend, so our first kiss was just a peck on the cheek job. If I could rewind the clock, would I have invested all my money in property? I didn’t think I could lose, but I did lose very badly and I lost everything.

If I’m going out with just Gillian, we’ll go to a pub and have a few pints of Guinness or go for a nice Chinese and a bottle of wine. It’s good to apologise and equally good to forgive.

“I am deeply disappointed that we’re unable to visit the people of Inverness on March 30,” said Shane.

“I was really looking forward to celebrating the end of the tour up in Inverness and would like to thank all those who have already purchased tickets to come and see me.” All ticket purchasers for Inverness will automatically be given a refund via Ticketmaster.

The concert was due to be the final show on Shane's 20-date tour spanning the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

But following changes to Shanes’ schedule at the end of the tour, his team say, the concert which was due to take place on March 30 at Inverness Leisure Centre has had to be cancelled.

We also have images of survey plats and field notes, land status records, and control document index records.

Due to organization of documents in the GLO collection, this site does not currently contain every Federal title record issued for the Public Land States.

He is a very good looking man and there is no doubt he looks red hot when he goes shirtless.

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