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” A:” God doesn’t think he’s Larry Ellison.” After eight years of courting Melanie, the tech god decided to give a 4th marriage a try. This affair has set the Mexican gossip press on fire. Slim is anything but, and Queen Noor is a bonafide hottie, so you can see the appeal. She sits on at least seven non-profit boards and is the author of a philosophy called Strategic Philanthropy–offered at Stanford, of course.These phenomenally rich widows say they were born to be together. Noor lost her husband on February 7, 1999; the very next day, Slim went through the same ordeal with his wife. Tom Freston guided Viacom to the top, only to get booted by Sumner Redstone for his efforts. Unfortunately, his investments, which include casinos, greyhound racetracks, and real estate, are anything but.Kathy Freston hit it big with the coveted Oprah Book push, which in turn led to Mr. He topped it all off by marrying a former Ukrainian beauty queen 45 years younger than himself.

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How much money does it take to become blind to wrinkly skin? Nonetheless, we all must thank him for the Simpsons and Family Guy. Jim Clark happily gave up about $200 million to get rid of his wife of 15 years, then appeared days later on a yacht with Hinze. But she is also younger than his own daughter…by a decade. The couple met in Italy, they got engaged, she had a baby, then they broke the engagement, made up a few months later, and finally married the following Valentine’s Day. Andreessen, of Netscape and Ning fame, is a Silicon Valley superstar.

, solidifying her as a Mexican sex goddess to geeks everywhere. Note to Frank: Fiery Latinas can be difficult to handle. Q: “What’s the difference between God and Larry Ellison? Laura, who holds an MBA and MAs in educations and art history from Stanford, fits Andreessen’s galactic mating requirements.

There could be no clearer divide in the profiles of the two men: the nerdy geek whose visions of world domination stemmed from a rumoured virility defecit, and the charismatic playboy with the bounty hunter profile and a taste for Top Gun military hardware.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal identified Larry Ellison as the world's richest man.

I mean, the man runs a great company, but his coffee sucks.”Over the course of the Bulls’ pounding of the Indiana Pacers, Ellison, who grew up on Chicago’s tough South Side and remains an avid Bulls fan, breaks from lusty cheering and joking boasts—“I can do that!

” he shouts after one thunderous Jordan dunk—to gossip about nearly every power player at the nexus of technology and communications in the 1990s: his archrival, Bill Gates; his best friend, Steve Jobs; his business partner Mike Milken; Mike Ovitz; Ted Turner; Murdoch.

Funnyman James Cordon hosted the event and told the audience, "I hate cancer so much, I wish cancer would get cancer." Live performances included Leona Lewis who sang "Fire Under My Feet," Kristin Chenoweth, who sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and Christina Aguillera who performed two songs, "Beautiful" and "Fighter." The highlight of the evening was the generous donation from Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who donated 0 million to establish the Lawrence J.

Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC.

He has just piloted his Cessna Citation into Chicago’s downtown Meigs Field from New York, where he spent the previous day in meetings with Viacom’s Sumner Redstone, Intel’s Andy Grove, and Ray Smith of Bell Atlantic.


  1. And he is the one who just happened to find her while he was looking around and decided she’s going to be his future wife.

  2. Overview: Be2 is one of the world’s largest online dating platforms.

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