Who is elaine paige dating

But, despite their long term relationship, Elaine - who has never been married - said she doubts there are wedding bells in the couple's future.

She told the newspaper: 'I doubt very much that Justin and I will get married. It seems to work and I think, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Elaine, who draws in millions of listeners to her Radio 2 show every Sunday, has released a whopping 22 solo albums throughout her multi-decade career.

It was worth the wait.” This success in America was further followed up with a starring role in Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, a concert tour and winning the Broadway World Los Angeles Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Touring).

As she understatedly sang in Follies: “I’m Still Here!

'Susan Boyle is doing terribly well considering she literally came to the attention of the world overnight with the advent of You Tube.'She was like a virus really that spread across the world in a nanosecond.

'She is a girl with no experience of anything to do with theatrics, the music business, or art in any way. Asked if she thought her success would last, Miss Paige replied: 'That's a good question. Longevity is gained through knowledge, experience and effort so it will remain to be seen.

And last Christmas she achieved a lifetime's ambition when she dueted with Miss Paige in a version of I Know Him So Well on her very own TV show.

When asked if she was happy about what the 48-year-old Scottish spinster had achieved, Miss Paige replied: 'I don't particularly feel any pride for her - I'm sure she is proud of what she has done.' Speaking at the South Bank Awards, she added: 'It's all about turning someone into an immediate celebrity at the expense of longevity and working hard and experience.

Miss Paige, who boasts 40 years in showbusiness and a £12million fortune, has haughtily dismissed the instant success of the Britain's Got Talent runner-up as 'a virus that swept the world'.

As viruses go, this one is certainly rather profitable.

For years she idolised Elaine Paige, singing along to her songs in her bedroom with a hairbrush for a microphone.

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