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Rossi alleges that back in 2013, she arrived at Sheen's residence for the sole purpose of having sexual intercourse with him for ,000.

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In June, he joked that he couldn’t get laid if he were in a women’s prison with a bunch of condoms because of the stigma surrounding his condition.

star also said he told any and all partners of his diagnosis prior to engaging in sexual acts with them, but now ex-girlfriend and "goddess" Bree Olson said that's "bulls--t" because she claimed she had no idea on ."He doesn't even value my life..someone goes without knowing, and there's plenty of girls I'm sure he's had in his life where they don't go get tested regularly like I do with the types of lives that they lead," said Olson, who said she had high-risk sex with Sheen, who used lambskin condoms."When it turns into AIDS then it turns into a whole different ballgame."Host Howard Stern asked her if she's going to confront him about the news, but Olson said she has been too upset to focus on anything."I haven't even thought about anything, but all I know right now is now because of him anytime someone hears my name they think of HIV right next to it," she said.

She tweeted about the experience the day before Sheen's announcement and told Stern the results were negative. At the time, the Two and a Half Men actor was having a very public meltdown, claiming he was a "warlock" with "Tiger's blood" who was "#winning." Their relationship reportedly ended in April 2011."We had sex almost every day for a year …

with lambskin condoms,” said Olson, who noted the choice of protection was Sheen's. There was no girl that he could’ve trusted in more than me when it came to keeping my mouth shut."When Stern asked about Olson's plans going forward, wondering if she thought about suing, she said, "I haven’t even thought about anything, but all I know right now is that now, because of him, anytime someone hears my name, they think of HIV right next to it."When reached, a spokesperson for Sheen pointed Buzz Feed News to the actor's open letter, in which he says, "I dazedly chose (or hired) the companionship of unsavory and insipid types.

"Even I wanted to blow it off: ‘Oh, this is just another Charlie thing.

I don’t even believe this.’”In response to a soundbite from the Today interview in which Sheen said he has with "no exceptions" always disclosed his HIV status to his sexual partners and said it is "impossible" that he has knowingly passed the virus on to anyone else, Olson said, "It's bullshit."Olson dated Sheen for a year and lived with him for six or seven months from late 2010 into early 2011.

“She loves Charlie and they were friends a long time before dating,” the insider said.

Very shortly after Charlie Sheen announced on Today that he is HIV positive, his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson, a former porn star, sat down with Howard Stern and told the Sirius XM Radio DJ that Sheen did not reveal his status to her."'I'm clean,' he told me. I'm clean,'" said Olson, one of Sheen's "goddesses." "He never said anything ever."Olson, 29, told Stern that she learned of Sheen's status "right along with everyone else." "Three days ago I started getting calls. Fox and a whole bunch of other people started getting at me in emails," she said.

However, after hearing arguments at a court hearing on Monday, the judge held back on making the ruling official.

Instead, Court will take the matter under submission. 17 when he revealed his health status on NBC's .

I’m doing so many positive things now and to think that you could have taken that away from me, that you knowingly were doing that," Olson said angrily. Luckily, there’s enough medications and stuff now that people with HIV, they can lead a full life.


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