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Following the birth of the couple’s son Jameson Moon on December 26, Pink has taken to Instagram to share a photo of the thoughtful ‘push present’ from her husband, motocross rider Carey Hart.

And rather than a lavish piece of jewellery, or a new handbag, it turns out Pink got her very own motorcycle custom built for her by her loving hubby.“Thanks @hartluck for the push present.

Pink loves to workout outdoors and performs activities like hiking, running and other cardio stuff.

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He is ranked as best actor in all history and for sure with his skills there’s no doubt he deserved this title. He owns several motorcycles including Ecosse Titanium.

·David Beckham, famous soccer player and husband of ex spice girls’ singer Victoria Beckham love to ride his motorbike in free time. ·Ryan Gosling well known as “heart breaker” of many girls across the world recently showed off his motorbike kills in the film The Place Beyond the Pines.

·John Travolta not only loves to dance but also loves fast ride.

He showed off his love of motorcycles in the film Wild Hogs and owns a Harley-Davidson.

Think Pink - if you think about her at all - and you might think about the feisty young pop star with the kick-ass attitude (well, she swears a lot) and tattoos to match.

The gurning glamourpuss with the bra top and platinum-blonde quiff who was meant to snog Madonna at the MTV Awards but couldn't make it, so Britney Spears stepped in.

Here’s a list of TOP celebrities who love fast rides. Within many successes movies over the years for sure he is one of recognizable faces across the world. ·Brad Pitt is not only Angelina Jolie’s husband but famous Hollywood actor as well.

He owns several motorcycles including a Vyrus 987 C3 4V worth over 0,000. Famous not only from romance with Britney Spears but his own successful solo carrier. ·George Clooney is a famous old generation Hollywood actor who is still popular and on the top. His handsome face for sure matches well with his motorbike.

During those 90 minutes, he used to made sure that her heart rate never goes below 155.


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