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At the end of when we went to go our separate ways, she again was about to walk off when I decided to take the initiative and got a hug from her and gave her a couple of pecks on the cheeks.After that she's started doing the following: At which point I told her to just give me a shout when she's free and I never heard back from her (been a couple of weeks now). *So she says she likes playing games with guys, and you just went "cool, derr umm, what movies do you like?

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I asked this guy (we talk a lot and work with each other last few weeks but were not quite friends yet) (do have a crush on him tho) if him and his new dog would like to join me for a walk with my dog in the morning. Saying that it sounds really nice and appreciates the offer.

I told him its more fun with someone else with you. However, Iwill be going to lunch in Chicago after I picks my little brother from the orthodontist.

Eye candy and cute doggies who can ask for more, lol. The only thing that I would question is when he says he appreciates the offer and then threw in the excuses, I would probably back off a bit, I know youre crushing on him but this could be his way of trying not to be close to you , since you work together. Sorry to tell you that from the conversation he is not interested in a relationship outside of work.

Right before I was going to go out with a girl, she called me said she did not feel well and asked for a "rain check".

Call her next week to ask her out properly ( time, day and place) that's the only way you'll know. Then again, if you toss it into the middle of a conversation, it can pretty much only be interpreted as an attempt to end the convo. - Gary S (same with genders reversed) Hanging out is the new dating.

Happy Birthday Good running into you the other week. But she did tell you that she'd be free after Monday. When they love you, they think you are more exciting than you really are!

Went on two dates with a girl, where she suggested the first one and we went for drinks, and a second where I initiated.

First date: Go for drinks, and she admit she plays games to see how guys react, seemed physically distant but was open to me touching, and made comments about how she can judge a relationship's potential based on the first kiss at which point I backed out of kissing her as I felt this really made the whole situation forced and awkward so I told her she'll have to wait and see.

After the take care in her response I would of wrote her off. You haven't struck out until you miss 3 times, so take a minute out of your day next week and use your last 2 chances.


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