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Top centric location, all the tourist attractions can be reached by foot. We are the most centrally located hostel in Edinburgh and an ideal base for your stay.

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In 2010 Tyler Clementi, a student at an American university, took his own life after discovering his roommate had secretly filmed him kissing a man — and had encouraged other people to tune in to watch a subsequent encounter.

In the meantime, ever more information about GÉANT and its activities can be found on the current GÉANT website (

TERENA used to run the 6NET and 6DISS projects, which dealt with IPv6 deployment, migration from IPv4-based networks, and general promotion of IPv6.

Despite his eager online fanbase, his sense of isolation prompts suicidal thoughts, and Ryan Mc Parland traces his contradictory nature.

But the central character is actually Gabe (Luke Newberry), who runs the Queer Students Group and is caught up in tense relationships with best friend Tim and Oliver Johnstone’s manipulative Drew, editor of the college newspaper.

This cannot be superficial, it must be completely ingrained in the DNA of HL. find out more Eat in – sit back and enjoy the best restaurant harbour views in Falmouth Take out – sat on the quay dodging seagulls?

The webcam will go offline later this year when we move to a new office. This website will continue to provide some to provide information about current as well as past activities until the full, permanent GÉANT website is ready.

We also provide entertainment but we accept no adult material.


  1. Once it was just Blackberry’s version of chat, but by now it has evolved into a massive app and a bit of a covert sexting operation in which you don't even have to use your actual phone number. Not only that, Kik has seemingly become the go-to chat service for people engaging in sexting and sharing adult content.

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