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If you are a regular user of our Android app, please upgrade as soon as you can. Net Neutrality is at risk, and we're coming together to push the FCC to preserve a neutral net. " we have delved back into the FMA's own podcast archive and pulled a bunch of samples from our podcast about Net Neutrality from 2014 with Michael Weinberg from Public Knowledge (back then - he now works for Shapeways, and we interviewed him about IP and 3D Printing too). We have a few beat pack and stem packs (Loop Mania, Bonus Beat Blast, Not Drunk) and of course there are tons of resources for this purpose over at cc and We've released the following soundbytes using CC0, so we encourage you to remix them to your heart's desire! Our friends at cc Mixter are joining the fray - if you want to contribute to the music-making process over there, find out how you can Remix Net Neutrality. Of course, you're also welcome to grab something from our vast Public Domain/CC0 collections and mix with those, including our micro Song Challenge and Masters Remastered Challenge, all of which have been released into the public domain by the goodwill of FMA artists and contributors!

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