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The high quality picture from the colonoscope is shown on a TV monitor, and gives a clear, detailed view. This procedure also allows other instruments to be passed through the colonoscope.

These may be used, for example, to painlessly remove a polyp or a suspicious-looking growth or to take a biopsy, a small piece, for further analysis.

To start up an independent and open lab it is crucial to get affordable lab equipment.

Most of the tools we use are do it your self (DIY) and open source and are built from widely available and recycled parts found in consumer products such as DVD drives, hard disks and pc fans.

Support the pursuit and growth of knowledge through open science hardware (GOSH): See also summary of Hackteria Open Source Hardware To use a regular usb computer web-cam as a microscope, only a few modifications are needed.

Basically flipping the lens upside down does the trick. Microscopes open up the world of the small and allow the magnified observation of small life forms, analysis of biological motion and form, as well as audio-visual interpretations for aesthetic presentation.

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In this way, colonoscopy may help to avoid surgery or to better define what type of surgery may need to be done.

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By using this protocol, a typical sleep analysis experiment can be completed in 5–7 d.


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  6. Different methods of radiometric dating can be used to estimate the age of a variety of natural and even man-made materials.

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