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Taylor went to Calvin's concert in Vegas earlier this month.There were reports he chartered a jet to fly her to the gig.

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‘I worry about everything all the time,’ she says with a grin.

‘We could do our entire interview me telling you how many things I’ve worried about since breakfast.

But then the one thing she doesn’t need to worry about is how that career is going.

It is Grammys weekend when we meet, and although Swift is attending rather than performing, she is still going to be the centre of attention. She is the only artist ever to sell more than a million first-week US copies of three separate albums – Speak Now in 2010, Red in 2012, and 1989, released in October, which racked up the biggest first-week American sales since 2002 and went to number one around the world, including the UK, where it was the best-selling album by an international artist last year.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris surfaced in Nashville ... Taylor and the famous DJ were coming out of Whole Foods Wednesday night -- wearing matching shirts no less -- when 2 people snapped the pics.

This isn't the first time they've been together recently.She has just come from a production meeting for her forth­coming world tour, fretting about the set list, sight lines and how to get her piano to the right part of the stage at the right time.Before that, when she woke up, she was immediately gripped with anxiety about something she said last night (even though it was only using the word ‘interjection’ when she meant ‘injection’).Oui, la chanteuse américaine et l'acteur britannique vont bientôt se retrouver ensemble sur le tapis rouge !Selon le site Closer, le couple compte bien se rendre à la cérémonie des Emmy Awards qui se déroulera en septembre prochain, main dans la main.It's all based on clues, speculation and a few rumors, so there's no guarantee we got 'em all right. (December 2012-January 2013) Taylor's rocky, brief relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles was scrutinized by the media from the day the pair stepped out together.


  1. He said he'd joined determined to overcome his intimacy fears but hadn't been moved by any of the women he'd met. I want to hear your voice."He called me that night, and was even smarter and funnier on the phone.

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