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In his blatant lies, Stalin had an unwitting help from America; Fordson tractors, which were widely imported by the Soviet Union, represented everything that was modern and efficient — the very monikers that Stalin wanted to attach onto collectivisation.

In front of 67,000 people, Secretariat ran the fastest 1.5 miles on dirt in history, and was so far ahead of the others — eventually 31 lengths — that the cameraman couldn’t even keep him and the next closest horse in the same shot.

Famed track photographer Bob Coglianese took the above photo, the only one which included Secretariat and the other horses.

For many years, he was a Communist dictator the West could agree with: he first decade in power was marked by an open policy towards the West, and independence from the Soviet Union’s policies.

Nicolae Ceausescu presented himself as a reforming communist in his highly publicized (and eccentric, of which more will be said later) state visits to the US, France, UK and Spain.

Everyone expected it to win (the odds were overwhelming 1-10), but what wasn’t expected was the performance Big Red would give — “the single most astonishing performance in American racing history,” as The later noted.

On its dashing gallop towards the Triple Crown, Secretariat broke the margin-of-victory record set by Triple Crown winner Count Fleet (25 lengths).

The images were doctored for the official party daily, adding a few extra centimetres to Ceausescu and putting a hat on his head.

Except no one remember to airbrush out the hat in his hands.

In early Soviet posters, Lenin was the dominating figure over Stalin, but as time went on, the two became first equal. On November 7th 1939, Pravda’s front page showed a banner above the gathered dignitaries at the Bolshoi Theatre, which depicted a huge head of Stalin and a minute one of Lenin.


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