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But unlike that momentous event, this one didn't happen in a teenage bedroom: my VR 'V' plates were taken in an outdoor cafe at the world's biggest phone show, Mobile World Congress.

(Never had that name seemed more ironic.)With the help of adult entertainment site and VR porn pioneers Naughty America – and a Samsung Gear VR headset – I put down my coffee and in seconds found myself looking down at a ripped torso that clearly wasn't mine, and a frankly intimidating jumbo man handle. Completely unknown to the crowds around me, I was joined by two naked girls who quickly set about the johnson-that-wasn't-mine-but-kind-of-was in a remarkably lifelike scenario.

Bashing the bishop, strumming the banjo, flicking the bean: whatever you call it, virtual reality is about to change it for good.

I just had my first experience of VR porn, and it was as fun, exciting, and scary as The First Time.

There’s the Love Palz duo kit, which seems to be the most intense of all, with parts for both the male and female to simulate sex across long distances and still feel each other’s movements in real time.

Vibease, along with various offerings from Ohmibod, come to mind, as well.

To keep a long-distance relationship thriving, you have to learn quickly how to expand your definition of sex.

It requires getting a little creative to keep the romance going, but luckily, with technology, it’s getting easier and easier to keep the love (and lust) alive from a distance. With the toys that are available now, you might even find that your sex life is more exciting than it’s ever been.

My mind told me to reach out and touch, but my invisible arms were grabbing nothing but air.


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  2. The reason we ask our members to verify their identities is to keep our community safe. victims of romance scams reported a cumulative loss of over million? reported that over 200,000 residents lost millions of dollars to romance scams (Telegraph news).

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