Validating url

Sometimes they provide broken URLs, URLs with bad formatting, etc.It seems the only time this module actually checks the validity of the link is when the format is: it passes validation and lets them save the node.

validating url-52

Of course this listing shows up on my broken links tab from the link checker module. It seems redundant to rely on another module for link validation in the link module, when the link module both provides a link validation option and exposes this as a field setting.

I would love to have this module actually do as advertised and stop the user from submitting the node until they either fix the URL or delete it, rather than me having to go through all the nodes through the link checker broken links page. Do NOT use tags for adding random keywords or duplicating any other fields. Descriptions of the Priority and Status values can be found in the Issue queue handbook. It also does not seem unreasonable to expect the validation to enforce something like the URL being absolute vs. Adding another option to enforce external URLs would be desired.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior..have you found a solution?? Right now a user can enter "://:" and this module considers that a valid URL.

@digidog: thanks for the links to the posting guidelines, that should come in handy @steven: 100% agree with you, it does seem stupid to require another module to handle the task that the primary module should be handling in the first place.

Uniform Resource Names are identifiers for resources.

They are location independent and make use of the urn: scheme.

:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9] )(?

:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9] )*(?

He also sliced up the Unicode ranges :=), that's the reason his one is so long :) = are excluded by the second validation block.


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