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I asked my Facebook friends who have been married for at least twenty years what advice they’d give to a young, married couple, and I loved their answers! Pass on these posts to any young, married couples you know!

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One question that our readers ask most frequently is, “How do I get my husband/wife to spend less? The problem can be rooted in a variety of issues including being raised differently, being taught differently about money, issues of control or lack of control, varying amounts of self confidence, anger and so on.

” Money is often one of the main causes of fights between spouses, especially when one spends too much or when one refuses to spend anything. Here are some examples of just one of these issues – being raised differently and taught differently about money.

Do you and your spouse struggle with making a budget you can keep?

These budget tips for married couples help you understand why you tend to spend the way you do and how to work together to make a family budget that works for you!

Bombarding our partner with criticism does not encourage cooperation.

Appreciation builds positive energy (the spoonful of sugar), where complaints deplete positive energy, unless delivered in a language that can be heard.They are used to hearing daily comments from each other such as “I can’t put up with your computer obsession, and you’re always ignoring me! What once had been a loving relationship is now characterized by irreconcilable differences in their beliefs about financial decisions, physical intimacy, contacts with relatives, and even how to load the dishwasher.Because they have practiced their side of the arguments for so long and they are so good at knowing how to attack each other’s weaknesses, persistent patterns have developed. Couples often arrive believing that the therapist’s job is to “fix” their partner. "Sleeping in a pose that lets you both stay comfortable and also allows for body contact helps strengthen your bond," says Evany Thomas, author of The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple's Guide. Throughout the world, people dedicate the day to celebrating relationships.It took me time and many hours of training to learn that couples therapy is not individual therapy with two people, nor is it a small version of group therapy.


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