Validating a passport now you are dating him

By copying and pasting the generated token on, I'm getting "exp" value = 0.Trying to get to the root of the error, I found out that on the "validation" process, it fails exactly on the "exp" validation. My topic on Laracasts: Another user with the same problem: I guess the 100 years Date Interval yields an int (seconds) somewhere along the way that the exp value is not expecting, setting it to zero and invalidating it. With these edits it's working and we can move on with this awesome package! But I'm still curious, is this normal behavior or something I did or my environment maybe? I've managed to figure out where the problem is coming from ( or it seems )...

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If you have any experience with passports and the application process, you can probably guess that there is a special application for passport validation.

Many people in the United States do not currently have a passport because they do not have plans for international travel.

inside the \Laravel\Passport\Guards\Token Guard : The best way I have found to bypass this issue without changing any files in the vendor folder is by adding the following 2 lines to the boot method of my Auth Service Provider after Passport::routes(); The longest I was able to create a token for was 21 years before I started getting expiry dates starting with a - (minus) which was unable to be validated Please see for details on the above code yeah I had tried something similar where I only added like 30 days, but it still failed when I only had that.

I don't know if this is environment related, i'm just using the new Laravel Valet on my mac to test things out.

Passport validation also applies to adding supplemental visa pages to your passport, extending the validity of limited passports, or (in certain situations) showing endorsement or validity of your U. Along with the application, you will have to submit documentation or evidence of any of the changes you wish to make on your passport.

Unlike many other passport applications, there is not an application fee association with the amendment/validation application. You can easily find the application for passport amendment/validation on the United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs website.I'm trying to create a Personal Access Token to use on Postman.I followed the same steps as the video from "What's new in Laravel 5.3" where Taylor does that, but I keep getting "Unauthorized" on Postman...After you’ve filled in the form, your countersignatory must check the details are correct and sign it.This post is an introduction to the document checking service, part of GOV. If you're interested in the different documents and methods certified companies can use to verify you, you can read more in this post.Many countries do not accept visas in invalid passports even if you concurrently have a valid passport.


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