Updating xml files with php

You can create custom file(s) to customize the migration for your unique needs — for example to migrate a specific line-of-business application or to change the default migration behavior.For Scan State and Load State to use this file, you will need to specify it on both command lines.

I'm just the beginner, now i've got some problem in my task. If you post your code I could show you what needs to be changed, if necessary.

I'm also using the newscroller Javascript as same as the above I want to update my XML file (News.xml) using VB. I have managed to create XML like this :- .the result, the newscroller Javascript will not load the updated values (testing one) above. if you guys do not follow the problems, later i will post the VB. Robert, I looked through the tutorials behind the link you supplied. NET/XML stuff but I didn't find anything close enough to be the answer to the original question asked.

For example, a modifying update could add a new field to a document.

Replacing updates replace the entire matching document with a new document.

XMLWriter is best suited for writing xml files from scratch and not for editing already existing xml files.

To append to an existing file, we have used DOM and have provided you with a quick tutorial as well.They are generally not as efficient as using $-modifiers, but can be very usefully for complex operations or updates that can't be expressed in terms of $-operators.For example, a replacing update can completely change the structure of a document. In the example above, for instance, suppose that we did not know the index of the comment that we needed to change, merely that we needed to change "John" to "Jim".They are also extremely powerful, allowing you to change documents quickly and replace them altogether.They are done in-place (when possible) with little overhead.PHPExcel developement for next version has moved under its new name Php Spreadsheet.


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