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The only thing holding the software back is the PCI Express bus on x86 platforms.

"We've tested up to 85 million packets per second, but we couldn't get any higher because that was as high as our Spirent [test] gear would go," Kwon said.

The Brocade 5600 v Router delivers advanced routing, stateful firewall, NAT, and VPN capabilities in a cloud ready software appliance.

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You can download the script here, but you may find it is easier to cut and paste the wget command in Setup below.

For a physical install, a Vyatta appliance or a PC with two or three network interface cards (NICs) and a Vyatta OS CD is required.

As it turned out, the community builds of Vyatta hadn’t been updated since the company’s acquisition by Brocade.

Thankfully, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Analysts speculated that if a service provider bought the v Router technology it could use it within its own network, and it also could resell it to its enterprise customers.

That would slam router vendors such as Cisco and Juniper on two fronts: they would lose the service provider’s business, and they would be competing against the service provider for enterprise business.

Vy OS is the new community fork of Vyatta, the open source routing and security platform based on Linux.

Since there doesn’t seem to be any interest on the part of Brocade in maintaining Vyatta’s open source codebase or its community any longer, Vy OS has stepped in to pick up the slack.

"In lab environments, our 5400 router [could process] around one million packets per [x86 CPU core]," said James Kwon, director of product management for Brocade's Vyatta team.

"Our alpha version of the 5600 can process 14.5 million packets per core, which is equivalent to 10 Gbps throughput." In fact, the 5600 appears to have the potential for even greater throughput.

In this two-part guide, analyst Lee Doyle reveals the top 7 SD-WAN trends to watch for this year, and our editors compare 13 leading SD-WAN products in one handy infographic to help guide your purchasing decision.


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