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No one really knows the answer to that question -- but regardless, it has been 4 years and they have not done anything regarding the issue besides revising the internal hardware to make it harder Q.

All wii updates have been safe, and do not affect modchips, due to the modchip being on the DVD drive, and not the motherboard. If you update your wii past 4.1 though, the ability to play games from other regions is lost.

The Modchip is just a small chip that sits on the DVD drive, that tricks the wii DVD drive into doing certian things it couldn't do before.

) * Improved read settings for recordable dvd media and drive speed configuration.

* Built-in audio fix for Game Cube games that are streaming audio from the discs.

If you're ok with this (as I am), then softmodding is a big thumbs up (as well as being free).

That was back in the day of D2B/DMS only consolethere are no open D2c, d2e modchips..d2c/d2e make up over 90% of the wii consoles in Australia. Softmodding is great at the moment, because yes, its free, and it works.

I am about to get a wii and was wondering if I should softmod or hardmod. I've heard that with softmod its messy when nintendo do firmware updates or something?

Also a chance of bricking your wii if you don't do it properly? hardmod you can't reverse when things go wrong and you need to claim warranty, however it will still work even with system update and if done correctly, there is a very small chance of bricking.* Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii Games / Backups on US and JAP Consoles * Partial Support for NTSC Region Wii Games / Backups on PAL Consoles * Enables direct boot of Game Cube backups.* Supports all currently available Wii Console / Drive Versions. Bricking your Wii is something that cannot happen anymore with the modchips we stock like Wode, Drivekey, etc. Ok, sounds good, how do I get a modchip in machine? As soon as you open your Wii, your warranty with Nintendo is voided.En este se explica el proceso para actualizar el chip Wiikey a la versión 1.9s.

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