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Revamp your interiors with a fresh coat of paint, even over loud wallpaper to avoid removing it.04/04/80 Birmingham, AL Boutwell Auditorium (date confirmed by ticket stub) 04/06/80 Houston, TX Music Hall 04/08/80 Oklahoma City, OK The Myriad **with The Babys** 04/09/80 Norman, OK Lloyd Noble Center 04/12/80 Lawrence, KS Allen Fieldhouse 04/15/80 Ames, IA Hilton Coliseum 04/17/80 Lexington, KY Rupp Arena **with The Romantics** 04/18/80 Evansville, IN Roberts Stadium 04/20/80 Terre Haute, IN Indiana State University04/27/80 Madison, WI Dane County Coliseum 05/01/80 Richfield, OH Coliseum Theatre 05/05/80 Boston, MA Boston Gardens **with Off Broadway** 05/06/80 Pittsburgh, PA Stanley Theatre 05/07/80 Buffalo, NY Memorial Auditorium **with Off Broadway** 06/20/80 New Orleans, LA Superdome **with The Eagles, Foreigner** 06/21/80 Dallas, TX Cotton Bowl **Texas Jam with The Eagles, Foreigner, April wine, Sammy Hagar, Christopher Cross, Savvy**07/09/80 Austin, MN Riverside Arena **with The Apes** 07/11/80 Fargo, ND Red River Valley Fair 07/?? Karlsruhre, Germany Schwarzwaldhalle **cancelled*10/21/80 Madison, WI Headliners **secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"** 10/22/80 Milwaukee, WI Palms **secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"** 10/23/80 Wheeling, IL Haymakers **secret show, billed as "The Randy Men"** 11/03/80 ?If your home screams "Miami Vice" or "Dynasty," it could be stuck back in the "totally radical" decorating style of this era.

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Nice, France Theatre de Verdure **with Angel City** 11/14/80 Lisbon, Portugal Pavilhao de Alvalade 12/04/80 St Louis, MO Checkerdome **with The Babys, Off Broadway** 12/05/80 Kansas City, MO Municipal Auditorium **with New England** Seattle Center Coliseum **with Michael Schenker Group** 12/19/80 Medford, OR Jackson County Expo Center 12/20/80 Sacramento, CA Memorial Auditorium **with MSG?

But MSG did not play** 12/21/80 Oakland, CA Oakland Auditorium Arena **with Michael Schenker Group** 12/27/80 Fresno, CA Selland Arena **with MSG (who were a no-show), The Tremblers** 12/28/80 San Bernardino, CA Swing Auditorium 12/30/80 Inglewood, CA Forum 12/31/80 San Diego, CA Sports Arena **with The Tremblers**01/24/81 Houston, TX Sam Houston Coliseum 01/27/81 Shreveport, LA Hirsch Memorial Coliseum 01/30/81 Chicago, IL Granada Theatre **with Off Broadway** 01/31/81 Chicago, IL Granada Theatre **with Off Broadway** 02/01/81 Chicago, IL Granada Theatre **with Off Broadway**02/06/81 Springfield, IL Prairie Capitol Convention Center **with UFO** 02/07/81 Columbus, OH Veterans Memorial **with UFO** 02/10/81 Kalamazoo, MI Wings stadium **with UFO** 02/12/81 Milwaukee, WI Arena **with UFO**obo Hall 02/15/81 Richfield, OH Richfield Coliseum **with UFO** 02/16/81 Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena **with UFO** 02/17/81 Rochester, NY War Memorial **with UFO** 02/18/81 ?

Heydt told Houzz, “When they found this home, it was an outdated, modern lodge-style home with two bedrooms and two baths that had not been updated since the 1980s.” She describes the new exterior as having both “Craftsman shingle style and Spanish Colonial influences.”The house grew by an additional 705 square feet: “This entry foyer, the entire family room, part of the living room and the breakfast nook are all part of the new addition on the first floor.”The upstairs rooms had vaulted ceilings with triangular windows in the upper parts of the gables, Heydt explains, so they replaced them with circular windows to go with the new exterior.“The rooms are very compact, but the house feels more spacious than it actually is due to the tall, vaulted ceilings, the windows and the glass doors,” Heydt says.

It’s time to play our favorite game: What 5 Changes Would You Make to this house? Frankly, it’s stuck in 1983, the year it was built.

A professional can safely install new flooring and properly dispose of the old one if those old, ugly tiles contain asbestos, advises the California Department of Health Services.

From wallpaper featuring loud cabbage roses or country prints to tacky pastel paints, the 1980s had them all -- usually alongside lots of mirrors.Kalamazoo, MI 02/19/81 Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena **with UFO** 02/20/81 Buffalo, NY Shea's Buffalo Theatre **with UFO** 02/21/81 Philadelphia, PA Spectrum **with UFO** 02/22/81 Utica, NY Memorial Auditorium 02/23/81 New Brunswick, NJ Rutgers University **with UFO** 02/24/81 Providence, RI Civic Center **with UFO** 02/26/81 Baltimore, MD Arena **with UFO**03/08/81 Troy, NY RPI Fieldhouse 03/10/81 Saginaw, MI 03/13/81 Wichita, KS Kansas Coliseum **rescheduled from 01/17/81** 03/14/81 Columbia, MO Stephens Assembly Hall 03/15/81 Davenport, IA Palmer Auditorium 03/18/81 La Crosse, WI 03/19/81 Dubuque, IA **with Fast Fontaine**04/21/81 West Palm Beach, FL Auditorium 04/28/81 York, PA Fairgrounds Memorial Hall 05/01/81 Hammond, IN Civic Centre **with Off Broadway** 05/04/81 Ann Arbor, MI Hill Auditorium 06/04/81 ?Memphis, TN Mid-South Fairgrounds **Carnival Musicfest** 07/04/81 ?Of course, the latter-mentioned group of people could just hire someone to renovate their homes for them, but then that comes with messy and costly renovations.Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates.Also, formal dining rooms seem to be going out of style.

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