Updating sound card driver

Users who have motherboards with on-board audio (often with VIA, Realtek, or C-Media chipsets) may have issues with their audio or AC'97 errors in Device Manager.Often this is caused because the operating system has been reinstalled and the motherboard chipset drivers are not installed.

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Windows itself does a far better job as opposed to realtek.

Every time i uninstall realtek it automatically gets reinstalled. I had the same exact same issue with Realtek audio drivers after upgrading to Windows 10.

To resolve this issue try following the steps below.

If you have not recently reinstalled Microsoft Windows it's possible that your audio drivers are corrupt.

Just like the title says, I don't want the realtek audio drivers as it completely messes with my audio and also doesn't correctly switch when i plug in headphones for example.

It also doesn't allow for the 'speaker fill' enhancement to be used when playing stereo content through surround sound.

Solved my problem, now my sound comes from all speakers and sub. Yes well done, have been looking around for a few days on how to disable the Realtek HD upgrade (what a useless app that is).

To be clear, I denied access as described above, uninstalled the program using add/remove programs, rebooted and now I have all my connections back again!!!

Please consult your video card manufacturer or computer assembler if you have any questions regarding the installation of updated drivers.

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