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Schools in all parts of the US are struggling with classroom overcrowding.This creates a slew of technology problems; schools need to add desktop computers in computer labs and STEM classrooms but are running out of physical space.

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To request an update for a particular application or lab, please submit a Help Desk request [email protected]

Updates will be installed whenever the room is available (classes not in session).

Software required for Spring Semester must be ordered by the beginning of November. It is important that OIT reviews and confirm the compatibility of hardware and software before placing the PR. All software is delivered to the OIT CSR (Central Software Repository) 5.

Software required for all Summer Term, Camps and Fall semester must be ordered by the beginning of April. When software is received, OIT contacts the individual who submitted the PR to coordinate an installation date and time.

It will enable ITS to continue to improve the quality, timeliness and accuracy of support to our customers.

This standard pertains to all ITS Managed Computer hardware and software and will be reviewed on a continual basis.

Purchasing Guidelines & FAQs Supported & Recommended Hardware Supported & Recommended Software RIT has a licensing agreements for many popular software programs.

ITS Managed Computers are eligible to install software without extra charge.

He has older Dell Optiplex ATX towers, and is looking for smaller computers so he can squeeze in one or two more endpoints at each table.

Kershaw County School District is home to almost 10,500 students and over 1,300 employees, with three high schools, four middle schools, 11 elementary schools, one career center, one alternative school, and one adult education program.

Every year between April and July, school administrators are deciding on how to allocate the budget for classroom technology.


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