Updating primary domain controller

I have a Windows 2003 domain and just added a new DC that runs 2008 R2.

I updated the schema accordingly for both forest and domain levels.

If I look to the GPO on the windows 2008 server I can see the GPO's.

The user need only to log in to the domain to gain access to the resources, which may be located on a number of different servers in the network.

One server, known as the primary domain controller, manages the master user database for the domain.

Clients randomly choose SRV records that specify target hosts to be contacted, with probability proportional to the weight .

All Windows Server–based domain controllers that are running the KDC service (that is, that implement a public key extension to the Kerberos v5 protocol Authentication Service Exchange subprotocol) register this SRV record.

I have taken screenshot from a single domain lab, on default site i.e. So results may vary if you explore these in big infrastructure.

In the records Properties window, you will notice below few fields: Weight – A load-balancing mechanism that is used when selecting a target host from those that have the same priority.

The domain concept not only allows a user to have access to resources that may be on different servers, but it also allows one domain to be given access to another domain in a trust relationship.

In this arrangement, the user need only log in to the first domain to also have access to the second domain's resources as well.

Moreover, any new records we've created (e.g., just added a new terminal server) do not get updated on the branch RODC either. How do I get the RODC to sync its AD-integrated DNS records with the rest of my world? Mike Ro DC DNS replication isn't a whole lot different than DNS replication for other domain controller computers (see the entry in the table titled "Read-only domain controller support" here for details), though you do need to have at least one Windows Server 2008-based DNS server hosting a writable copy of the zone (see the "Note" in the section titled "DNS updates for clients that are located in an RODC site" in this document for details).

It sounds like you've got a writable Windows Server 2008 DNS server (the one in the data center), though, so that shouldn't be your issue.

Everything's working well; AD replication, Global Catalog, DNS, ...


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