Updating phone memory contents error

for around 5 pictures then back to exclamation point. Those black exclamation marks you’re getting when trying to view your photos are clear indicators of a corrupted file.

If I try to send it says unsupported file and if I look for it on SD the files tend to not be there at all. When a file gets corrupted, the most likely reason is a bad or failing SD card.

Such updates are intended to patch some glitches, fix some bugs and address the most common problems early adopters reported.

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Looking for solutions on how to resolve SD card or phone memory issues? This post is intended to address questions on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 memory issues.

If you emailed us before and you don’t find your question here, don’t worry as we would eventually publish it in the next posts.

If you also want to store new downloads on SD card, then you can do so by following a similar procedure in Storage Sense. The new update came up with many other features, so stay tuned on The Windows Club to know about more features.

The new Storage Sense app is really very helpful, and you can move or uninstall apps and delete temporary files and do a lot more.

After that over a couple of weeks, updating is provided to 25, 50, 100 % of users, i.e.

at the initial stage only one device out of a hundred stands a chance of getting an upgrade.

This post covers the SD card part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update and also tells you how to move apps between SD card and Phone memory.

Tweaking the settings: If you want that every app installed on your device must go to the SD card, then you must change some settings on your device.

But for those who don’t want to be bothered with anything for the very reason that the phone is new, then I suggest you immediately send your phone in for repair.

After all, it’s the job of the technician to know and fix the problem.

Yes, you can download the official Windows Phone file manager “Files” from the store.

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