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Note: Oracle Database expects a different timestamp for each resetting of a particular password.If you reset one password multiple times within one second (for example, by cycling through a set of passwords using a script), then the database may return an error message that the password cannot be reused.However, tools such as SQL*Plus allow the user to change the password on the first attempted login following the expiration. Normally a proxy user would be an application server or middle-tier entity.

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To set a value for @Customer ID you need to add a SQL Parameter to the command object.

If you don't give it a value you'll get the error mentioned in your comment.

I'd like the second to update it's values based on the selection in the first.

The first is a list of sales agents, and the second is a list of distributors. So if the report user selects an agent, I'd like only their distributors to show in list for the second parameters.

IN your report paramenter, you click on agentid parameter and then from a Query on available values.

This article describes how to use the new, optional "decrypt" parameter on [email protected]::get Custom Field Value scripting method to ensure that passwords will be encrypted in the integration agent logs for existing integrations.One of the other things that you should be doing is making sure you update the passwords on those service accounts at least yearly as well to ensure that nothing goes stale.Changing a service account password can be an interesting ordeal depending on your environment.For this reason, Oracle recommends that you avoid using scripts to reset passwords.clause, unless you are changing your own existing password.As the title suggests, we are going to be using WMI as our preferred approach to changing a password for a service account.

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