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You may want to consider hiring an electrician to advise and assist you with planning and discovery, since understanding the wiring of an old structure involves a good deal of experience and knowledge.The first step in replacing wiring is deciding how much you will access the walls.I am closing on my house in a few days and just would like to know about how much it is going to cost to upgrade the outlets that are not grounded (bedrooms and living room).

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Rewiring a house will require a permit from your local building department.

Homeowners are allowed to do electrical repairs on their own houses, but the work will have to be inspected.

Replacing electrical wiring is part of making an old house safer, more modern and more livable.

The approach you take will depend on your budget, your ability to access the walls, attic, and crawlspace and the level of demolition allowed.

This kind of remodeling is easier to do in a newly purchased home than a well lived-in one.

Do not attempt to replace your own wiring unless you are experienced in electrical construction.

Arcing will create heat, and if the arcing is bad enough the heat can melt the surrounding wiring and start a fire. All of the outlets (officially known as receptacles) in this 40-year-old house were candidates for replacement.

While many were simply worn out, I don't care for the contemporary look of white outlets and switches.

So, this is one of those not so pretty posts, but I promise it is Oh So Handy! I used to get annoyed EVERY TIME I vacuumed downstairs and turned the corner only to have the vacuum plug slip from the outlet.

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