Updating oblivion lod files

Oh, and I also changed some text in the guide for clarity.

---Updated January 5 2011: Re-arranged the guide, added some headlines, table of contents and the step-by-step section ---Updated January 1 2011: And some more text :) ---Updated Dec 31 2010: More clarifications and added bit about OBGE ---Updated Dec 13 2010: Clarified some things in the guide You should! They can give you prettier graphics, a better UI, a new leveling system giving you XP like in Fallout 3, hundreds of new weapons and armor, new cities, huge new quests, companion characters with back-stories and advanced (by Oblivion standards) AI capabilities, etc.

Bben46 Complete Reinstall Procedure for Oblivion Revised 3/11/11 Add link to Moving Steam client Revised 12/23/10 Update link for Bethesda Patches added link to Revert to Vanilla article Revised 6/9/2010 Fix a few spelling & syntax errors Revised 5/3/2010 added some text to explain what the oblivion uninstaller actually does, and does not do. Revised 5/2/2010: Changed install location to C:\Games\Oblivion Thanks for the suggestion by Watdocdude revised 7/8/09: Added fix for unable to reinstall by Hemmy Lane52 revised 4/3/09, added recommendation for System Restore per suggestion by Qwaxalot Revised 3/9/09: modified the disclaimer.

I cannot be responsible for any damage you manage to do to your game when trying this.

You are free to use this procedure and post it as you see fit.

It does not remove your saves - and it is completely reversible - Link Even though this has worked for many people, You get a disclaimer, just like the big software companies use to limit liability.

This is usually a last resort and your game is already trashed.

---Update Jan 18 2012: Fixed image links ---Update Nov 19 2011: Changed link to UOP ---Update Oct 1 2011: Small update, just updated a few links ---Update July 1 2011: Hello Steam Summer sale buyers :) Added links to all mods in the mod list and added some new mods. ---Update April 16 2011: Just want to plug jim-jam bongs' awesome thread Fallout 3 with mods: what, why and how.

Modding FO3 should feel pretty familiar if you've already checked out my thread, or vice versa.

It was the beginning of the end for me and TES games as a whole.

It was also the most financially successful TES game of all time, at the time (i suspect Skyrim has clinched that crown by now).

Regarding Nvidia Settings I have AA and AF enabled and the ENB still works. so please just try for yourself the best graphic card settings.

I have the basic game installation one could say just to mention it.

This is a revised version from Kobal and Walker In Shadows with the main goal to achieve a more performance friendly version. If you wanna have the nirnroot amulet in Oblivon just replace the meshes of the deer amulet with the ones of the nirnroot amulet and correct the texture path in Nifskope; of course it works the other way round too (if you wanna have the deer amulet in Nehrim) Installation via copy'n paste into your Sureai or Oblivion folder; you'll get the amulet automatically into your inventory. Included you also find an alternative esp for Nehrim in which all upperbody armors and clothes show amulets; I've removed all hide amulet flags in every armor and clothing I've found in the Construction Set. Means the strength varies with the distance to the object in the center.

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