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Other quests exist of course, for both pleasure and to fill out the background of Middle-earth.

You'll find no boredom within the Shire delivering posts and running pies, no stone unturned in Ered Luin as you learn the heart of elves and the brevity of the dwarves, nor will you find malice in Bree as you become a hero among the race of Men.

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Lot RO @ Curse has developed this Video and Performance Tweak Guide to help you do just that.

We've compiled the information provided by Turbine and tips from fans around the world to help you see the true beauty of Middle-earth.

Much of the gameplay is typical of the MMO format: The player controls a character avatar which can be moved around the game world and interacts with other players, non-player (computer-controlled) characters (or "NPCs") and other entities in the virtual world.

Camera angles can be switched between first-person and third-person options. A character's level increases after it earns a set amount of experience points through the player versus environment (or "Pv E") combat and storyline adventures.

The Lord of the Rings Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows and OS X set in a fantasy universe based upon J. It launched in North America, Australia, Japan, and Europe on April 24, 2007.

It was developed and maintained by Turbine after Jeffrey Anderson secured the rights from Vivendi.

So, any way you can increase your RAM, up to what can be utilized by your operating system, it's worth it.

Installing RAM beyond the Recommended System Requirements means you can increase your texture cache to maximum, causing fewer loads. It is generally considered that 4GB is not necessary, unless you do additional activities, such as video editing or a live Twitch® broadcast.

The game's milieu is based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

However, Turbine does not have rights to any other works in Tolkien's legendarium, such as The Silmarillion or The Children of Húrin.

DVD Installs: All versions of the DVD based installation should not be used simply due to the age of the game version they install, it is recommended that the up to date installation download be used instead of any DVD disk based installation methods to avoid issues updating and connecting.

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