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that's right - dot bike and NOT dot com NOTE - The links from this soon to be obsolete website (such as those under the tab above called Modern and Rando Parts Offerings) will point to the old store - all items for sale are currently loaded and available on the above new store - although formatting is not quite perfect yet (and we have many photos to re-load)As of September 2013, stock small and middle size Tig Frames are now available with skinny extra light tubing without an upcharge!About 35% of frames we currently build are with these tubes (1" .7/.4/.7 top tube and 1 1/8" .8/.5/.8 downtube).

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Cool white LEDs are more efficient than warm white ones and make sure it comes in this package with the heatsinking aluminum substrate!

Turn on your power supply, dial it to 3.3V Touch positive and negative to the LED You can tweak the power voltage in to see the differences between 3.3V and 3.5V in Drawing around 0.2 Amps, this is a .66W drive.

Scheiger has created a whole series of these bicycle hunting trophies, which can hold anything from umbrellas to hats to more bikes.

A few pre-made versions are for sale in his online shop, but he also shows those who are so inclined how he made them here.

Everyone will have a different idea about what it’s worth spending on a frame renovation.

A rational spend based on end value has to be offset against the impossible to quantify emotional attachment that some frames attract.

Technically, turning bike handlebars and seats into something of a bull was Picasso’s idea first.

But Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger’s brilliant interpretation of Picasso’s Tête de Taureau shows how all sorts of modern bike parts can become gorgeously functional.

is devoted to older classic and vintage race, road, track, lo-pro, time trial and touring bikes, frames and parts to fit.

I also aim to keep in stock some basic parts for fixed gear and track riding – chainsets with bottom brackets to match, suitable pedals, bars etc My main stock is lugged or fillet brazed steel frames, tig-welded ones and even aluminium and carbon-fibre frames too if I think they are interesting.

- visit our on-line store to see all the exciting new arrivals and special deals.


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