Updating a sequence global address book not updating when running in cached mode

Use sp_sequence_get_range to get multiple sequence numbers at once.

For information and scenarios that use both CREATE SEQUENCE, sp_sequence_get_range, and the NEXT VALUE FOR function, see Sequence Numbers.

NEXTVAL FROM dual; ALTER SEQUENCE gokhan.sample_seq INCREMENT BY 1; SELECT last_number FROM user_sequences WHERE sequence_name = 'SAMPLE_SEQ'; LAST_NUMBER ----------- 500 CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE SYS.

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Modifies the arguments of an existing sequence object.

If the sequence was created with the CACHE option, altering the sequence will recreate the cache.

A common problem when copying or recreating a database is that database sequences are not updated just by inserting records in the table that sequence is used in.

If you want to make your sequences all start just after whatever values are already there, it's possible to do that for most common configurations like this: This script changes sequences with OWNED BY to the table and column they're referenced from. Sequences that are referenced by multiple tables or columns are ignored.

In Oracle, you can create an autonumber field by using sequences.

A sequence is an object in Oracle that is used to generate a number sequence.

Sequences, unlike identity columns, are not associated with tables.

An application refers to a sequence object to receive its next value.

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