Updating a fireplace christian milian dating

are those glaring ugly brass stripes, going across the front of the glass. I just think they cheapen the look of the whole fireplace.I’ve always planned on painting them, but for some reason I never gave it a priority.

The third accompanying image shows a red brick fireplace that has been painted from floor to ceiling in the same white used on the room’s trim, in this case, Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White in a Pearl sheen.

That sheen reflects light and adds a little drama and depth to an otherwise flat elevation.

I’ve been on a mission lately to get rid of all the remaining brass “builder touches” in our home, and this was one of the last remaining hold outs. The first thing I did was remove the metal sections that had the brass on them.

They actually just lifted right out, and go back in just as easily.

They provide warmth and a focal point that draws family and guests naturally.

Over the years fireplaces have gone from strictly utilitarian to completely modern and unique in their design and their function.Also, the actual fireplace box (is that what it’s called? Who ever installed it also got some mortar or something on the black part and it just always looks dirty to me.So when I decided to paint my walls, the fireplace took on a horrible life of it’s own… I took this picture and you can see there is a lot going on in it.Do you have something in your house that seems like it stares at you every time you walk in the room? I love my big stone fireplace, but there were a couple of things that really bothered me about it.First, the color of the stone is about 50 shades of brown.I didn’t even need to paint them, they just pry right off!


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