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It seemed to be the hot new app to try and I was intrigued. I was interested to see how this technology affected interpersonal communication, i.e. It helped that I received a notification from Ok Cupid that I was “hot” and part of the “most attractive people on Ok Cupid.” It even said not to let it go to my head, but come on, of course it did! Meeting guys on a whim (in public places of course) was spontaneous and exciting.

It was good practice for dating and it elevated my social skills. No matter how much they claimed to want a real, steady relationship, it was clear they weren’t interested in anything long term or platonic. He might even randomly sext you if you give him your number (true story).

Anyway some have told me I should and I tell them hell no since I'm 21 year old and go to college, I'll meet someone here.

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I was hoping you guys could clear up a few confusions I have on the concept of a "date".

I am rather young (just graduated college, going on 22) so some input by anyone could really be valuable.

One has epilepsy and is basically a dirty old redneck (his room is disgusting), and the other girl has had a stroke when she was young which caused her to lose muscle tone in her left arm.

Anyway both have tried online dating, and both have either met creeps, or the dates thought they were creepy.

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Okay, my belief with online dating is that unless you are a busy professional over the age of 25 then you shouldn't do online dating.

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