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The outcome has resulted in 18,000 vintage negatives.

Caesar often reworks the 35mm images and conceptualises them into new forms challenging the notion of religion, sex, identity and race from a Black British perspective.

This minutely detailed use of a fountain pen meant that even the smaller works took several months to complete.

After a visit to New York he developed an interest in photography using a basic film camera.

The Ripper murders had created a storm of hysteria in the press with the local Jewish community bearing the brunt of the outbursts.

Circus is a beautiful collision of cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar nestling in the heart of London’s vibrant Covent Garden.

For a full list of UAL courses open for 2017/18 entry, including others available at LCF, visit the Places available page.

Become a professional and original image maker through the practical and theoretical study of fashion photography and its place within media and communications.

Throughout the novel, scientific rationality is set against folklore and superstition; old Europe is set against modern London; and traditional notions of civilised restraint and duty are threatened at every turn by the spread of corruption and wanton depravity.

Dracula’s forays into London, for example, and his ability to move unnoticed through the crowded streets while carrying the potential to afflict all in his path with the stain of vampirism, play upon late-Victorian fears of untrammelled immigration.

For the Arts Council of Great Britain he has curated and contributed to major shows by black British artists including Into the Open (1984) and Caribbean Expressions in Britain (1986).

During the late 1980s Caesar began working in British television – originally as a journalist on Channel 4's Black on Black, then as producer and director of entertainment, sport and multicultural programmes for Central Television, Carlton Television and BBC.

Our highly popular Pan-Asian menu, created and overseen by Executive Chef Andrew Lassetter, is constantly transforming with new and exciting dishes.

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