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KELPYBASIN4564 - 75 Coins and a Chocolate Seaweed.13.

BOGGLEDEN129 - 75 Coins and a Ghost Flame Toilet.14.

radicarules4565 - you get 500 coins and a very rare diamond treasure chest. RADICARULES4565 - 500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest. Hint: ----- Submitted by: awells When you are in funkey town go to the sewer area and throw coins in until you see a big crocodile come out.

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funkeystownmuseum28 - 75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp. FALLOUTCOMPOUND358 - 75 Coins and a Solid Gold Panel.

6786allworkandnoplay - 50 coins, Insane Flaming Hoop. BOGGLETHEMIND2256 - 50 Coins and a Foul Smelling Chair. PONDERINGPARK453 - 75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator.

PONDERINGPARK453 - 75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator.

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Your online avatar changes to that particular Funkey on the fly.

Strong magnets connect the Funkey to UB and little hands will manage to do that quite well.

UB Funkeys is a collectible toy MMOG-light kids game made by Mattel and Arkadium.

Similar to some other toy-web integrated games, you have to purchase a toy in order to activate a similar online avatar.

I had a few funkeys several years ago and the games were pretty fun. I have Windows 7, and despite many assurances and downloads that supposedly make it compatible, I cannot get it to work. He was 7 years old then but the games on the disk wasn't that interesting.

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