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Utendahl starts at Deutsche Bank on April 1 as vice chairman.The German bank hopes the New York native can tap some of his past corporate clients including General Electric and Wal-Mart.Utendahl says larger banks once again have the advantage, after taking a backseat to upstarts in early 2009 that were less harmed by the financial crisis.

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On Saturday at the ‘Little Next Door’ in Los Angeles, Tyra was wearing what seemed to be an engagement ring on her left hand.

If we take Britney’s example, who wears an engagement ring without actually being engaged to Jason Trawick, then maybe Tyra isn’t engaged, either, but both of them are certainly giving all of the signs of being nervous about the issue.

2007 - Present Tyra Banks and John Utendahl, an investment banker, have worked hard to keep their relationship unnoticed by the media.

Tyra always declines to comment, and Utendahl is never interviewed.

Born December 4, 1973, Tyra Banks has gone from ugly duckling as a child to a supermodel on top of the world today.

The Los Angeles born nymph has been a breakthru model for the African American community. ' " The issue of being 'really me' also is being brought into question with Tyra.A source close to Ty Ty says the smizer is currently "island-hopping, visiting Bali and taking a spiritual retreat" with a friend. Tyra Banks Husband Name, Dating History: Tyra Lynne Banks was born on December 4th, 1973.In the year 1996, Tyra Lynne Banks was rumored around to be in the dating relation with Seal.The 52-year-old Utendahl had run his own boutique investment bank, Utendahl Capital Partners LP, from 1992 until this year, when he gave it up to another minority-owned firm, Williams Capital.Utendahl, who will be based in Deutsche Bank’s Lower Manhattan office, is keeping his passive ownership stakes over a range of other businesses, including a private-equity firm and an asset manager.

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