Tree ring dating lesson

They grow up to two feet in height per year until they reach 200 to 300 feet high—then, like people, they grow outward in girth.

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As a tree grows, it produces new layers of wood around the trunk, just under the bark.

If a tree is cut down, the layers are visible in a cross section.

Trees don't die from coring - students will probably ask.

Educators should explain to students the elliptic growth of trees.

An incredible amount of information is readily available to those interested in dendrochronology, of which most sources are listed below.

Simply place the mouse on the line containing the desired link, and click away.

If you're interested in learning which institutions or which scientists are conducting tree-ring research, be sure to go to the "Links" page using the button on the left.

If you or your colleagues learn of any new sites that you feel would be a valuable addition to this listing of resources, be sure to contact me at the address at the bottom of this page and let me know what you found!

Read what our review team had to say about this resource below or learn more about how CLEAN reviews teaching materials Educators should explain to students how the matching of tree rings between trees of different ages is done (by searching for patterns to extend the record past the life of just one tree).

Great opportunity to touch on radiometric dating techniques that allow scientists to absolutely date trees that are found in bogs and other environments.

But first, consider these key facts regarding the sequoias: • The scientific name for the sequoia is —the giant sequoia—and they are related to the better-known redwoods.


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