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Crucial drivers of possible discounts include elevated first class and intercontinental, as well as the amount of airline competition in the company’s highest markets.2. Companies can reduce from 8-12% off average booked rates by consolidating to a regional or global hotel program, provided they do not have prior discounts.

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Snow College’s latest travel policy included new, logical restrictions.

For example: Employees would be reimbursed only for for hotel stays on days that matched an event’s agenda, and they could no longer expense a first-class airline seat.

Financial Controls Policy Adherence Safety and Efficiency Travel management plays a significant financial role and can contribute to a corporation’s shareholder value.

Since the cost of travel is a corporation's second or third largest controllable expense, having experienced travel management professionals manage and negotiate travel-related services provides measurable financial benefits to the corporation.

There are substantial benefits of global consolidation and savings is the main driver for corporations to make the switch.

Possible savings from a consolidation differ, based on a programs complexity and objectives.

With strict adherence to airline and airfare preferences, Serko guarantees policy compliance, saving you money.

INX TMX moves your travel bookings to ‘online’ bookings, reducing your Travel Management Company (TMC) costs and gives your Administrators full control over the booking process.

Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with corporate goals, financial and otherwise.

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