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He gave an ultimatum and his bluff was called,” said Mr Agnew.

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He was portrayed by James Neate in Pilot, and he is currently portrayed by

He is the older step-brother of Jenna Marshall, the husband of his deceased wife Yvonne Phillips and the son of the deceased Marion Cavanaugh.

Mr Berry would like to say a big thank you to Ginny, Bedfordshire Police, the two men who took him to the vets, and all the public who offered support on Facebook, adding that it truly helped him get through a difficult time.

PC Ryan said: “We’re thrilled that Toby has been reunited with his family after what must have been a real ordeal for him – we’re pleased to report that he’s now coming back out of his shell!

The two men who bought him were concerned for his welfare and so paid the money and brought him to the vet.

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