Thunderbird close applications updating

Fortunately, it's possible to move a Thunderbird profile across platforms; even if you're moving from Linux to Windows to Mac and back again, Thunderbird is intelligent enough to handle it all.

You don't need anything special to back up Thunderbird profiles; the most important thing is for you to know the location of your profile folder.

JVM : 1.6.0_31 Expected results: It should be open messages instantly when click, like in previous release. It's exactly the same on imap server or if it's a classic downloaded POP message.

Yes, this really sounds like some external program/process interfering with Thunderbird. An other possibility is some data file in the old profile has gotten out of control.

(because places.sqlite-wal/-shm is created as mail directory by Tb if Tb's profile directory is specified by user as Local Directory: of an account) User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; SIMBAR=; . I tried too to delete every mail of my mailbox, but it was the same. One is some pref that's different in the old profile, or some extension that's not in the new profile.

We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers.

I'm an IT person and a writer, and I change machines a lot.

When you're done with the most popular, dig deeper and discover more: Have messages mysteriously disappeared from your Mozilla Thunderbird inbox? Here's how to have Mozilla Thunderbird rebuild a folder's index (or many in a bunch) and repair its display.

More » Whether your friends prefer Facebook Chat or Google Talk (or either); whether your favored chat rooms are on IRC on XMPP (or both): you can set up Mozilla Thunderbird to connect to all these chat services and protocols (and Twitter, too).Sometimes these programs whitelist some applications, and when new versions come out, the whitelisting stops working. So, for information, like Joe, I'm an Avira Antivir user. (I try too, to uninstall my Zone Alarm Firewall but no success too)... I would look for a file at the top of the old profile directory that seems unusually large.The only other thing I could suggest is creating a new profile and setting up your e-mail accounts again to see if it's something specific to your profile. Task Manager show me that no processus are used during freeze. Most of the files can be deleted safely, other than prefs.js, of course, (panacea.dat, the sqlite files, etc).One possibility is that it's failing to write to these databases because they have the wrong permissions.This could happen if the "profile" you are using dates back several versions.From a few days I've a problem with thunderbird.


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