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This is perfect for parish vestibules and bookstore table-top displays. The mystery of the human person, as created by God, is manifested in a particularly powerful way through the covenant of holy matrimony.

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Do you want to introduce someone to an important issue but don’t know where to begin?

Sometimes you know they won’t read an entire book, but you still want to give them solid and concise information.

In my ministry, my husband and I talk about Theology of the Body as it relates to our love story, and our relationship.

The Gift Study is a very unique and special gift because not everyone can hear Christopher West live.

Furthermore, if a parent guide, indicates by its content that the classroom component is not in keeping with the Magisterium of the Church20as described in such documents as Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines Within the Family (1995) and Christian Education of Youth, (1929) it is sufficient to place a thumbs down on the program without pouring over the many pages of implementation of such philosophy.

It is always necessary to review either the parental guide or a classroom program, because although parents are the prime educators of their children, particularly so in the sexual sphere, it is helpful to parents when some educators offer genuine help to parents and reinforce in the classroom in a delicate, positive, prudent, brief and abstract way the same Church teachings they learn about at home.

Greek theologia (θεολογία) was used with the meaning "discourse on god" in the fourth century BC by Plato in The Republic, Book ii, Ch. Aristotle divided theoretical philosophy into mathematike, physike and theologike, with the latter corresponding roughly to metaphysics, which, for Aristotle, included discourse on the nature of the divine.

Drawing on Greek Stoic sources, the Latin writer Varro distinguished three forms of such discourse: mythical (concerning the myths of the Greek gods), rational (philosophical analysis of the gods and of cosmology) and civil (concerning the rites and duties of public religious observance).

It provided those answers that I never received as a kid growing up.


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